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About Us

DataComm360, enables system integrators and service providers to offer Cloud-based Cyber Security Managed Services.

DataComm360 has been in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) markets for more than two decades.

DataComm360 is managed by a cross-functional leadership team comprising expertise in innovation, technology and operations. We have built solid relationships with Telecom Operators, Media, Governments and Enterprises operating across various industries.

Our Approach

We integrate business consulting, engineering and technology to provide our clients with the right and viable solutions to their increasingly complex cyber security needs.

We follow our clients through the cycle form risk assessment, solution architecture & design, implementation all the way to operations.

It is a continuous cycle, as we innovate and look for new technologies we go back to the consulting phase.

Our Partners

DataComm360 partners with world-class technology and service providers to deliver and support its business solutions.

Contact Us

Our Offices

  • Geneva: Geneva, Route des Fayards, 189 - 1290 Versoix
    Geneva - Switzerland
  • Beirut: Beirut Symposium - Executive Center, 7th Floor
    Sin El Fil, Beirut - Lebanon
  • Email: info@datacomm360.com